We are Aprocol

We are Aprocol

We are an associative enterprise that engroups more than 130 small and medium producers of fruits and vegetables of the region of Valle del Cauca, we are committed with the development of the human talent of our community, with a clean and ecological production caring about the welfare of our consumers throughout the world.

Our Strengths

  • Our people.
  • Our region.
  • Our knowledge, responsibility and commitment

We are a group of farmers that work for you.

Our Mission:

Developing campaigns nationally that promote production, transformation and commercialization of fruits and vegetables, highly technified, linking all parties in the productive chain according to the requirements of national and international markets(quantities, quality, innocuity, continuity and sustainability) allowing employment generation and social development with equity, keeping small, medium and large producers in mind.

Clear Objectives!


Productive Projects with the purpose of meeting the requirements of national and international markets.


Providing a service of enterprising accompaniment, agricultural auditories, technical support, investigation, financial management, commerce and everything that is convenient for the interests of our associates.


And implementing policies so the sale prices of fruits and vegetables keep being fair.


With the government in studying and solving technical, economical and social problems, that interest the fruit and vegetables sector.

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